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It all began one day in Martha Toler's kitchen....
In Memory Of My MOTHER

The woman behind 

the great tasting food.


          "God blessed me with a talent"          


 My love for cooking and people 

was kindled in a small East Texas 

town close to Louisiana. My 

   mother and grandmother, who never measured  

                   when they cooked, taught me when I          

was eight. I have been creating my

own recipes, cooking and sharing

them with others ever since. 

This love of cooking coupled with 

the pleasure I get from entertaining

others has made me a natural 

for my catering business.


I get a joy out of cooking

and watching people enjoy the 

food. After years of people telling 

me how good my food is and how I

should go into business, I now have 

the pleasure of sharing it with you.




                  -"Chef E"-

I'm a description


since 2000​
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